Rent vintage bikes longterm
for reasonable prices!

For just 39 € per month we satisfy your need for transportation through Vienna the "Vintage Way”. Our bikes were made in Austria by the famous company PUCH. Back in the 80s these road bikes were the most valuable bikes you could buy and easily compete with all these modern bikes out there missing every aspect of style and craftsmanship.

one bike, one month
Vintagebike39 €
+ ABUS bicycle lock5 €
+ Battery lights3 €
+ Helmet3 €

Picturefeed of our Vintagebikes
View more bikes at our Flickrpage.

  • Minimum rent is one month.
    • Take care of the bike.
      • Pay in advance for the rent time orvisit us every month.
        • Bring a copy of your passport and 50 € deposit (you get this back as soon as you return the bike).

          If you want to rent one of our bikes or if you have any further questions, just drop us a short email

          After receiving a confirmation email, you will find us and your bike here: